Date used in the simulation sampling
All of the on-screen user inputs are indexes associated with month. This table
lists the date used for each parameter sampleing.
Parameter Value Date used Example
  Frequency Related Calculations System uses the date range entered at "Simulation" screen and divide that range into individual physical month, for example, user enters 01/01/2000 to 12/31/2009, then we will have: 2000-01, 2000-02, .2009-01, 2009-02, 2009-12.  
Trend, Seasonality, Exposure Frequency (Trend, Seasonality, Exposure) Use year and month calculated from above. Seasonality only uses the month.  
  Accident Date Year/Month value is from above calculation. Day value is uniformly sampled in that month. AccidentDate = New Date(yr, mon, CInt(unif.Sample()))
Report Lag Report Date Use: Accident Date ReportLag.Sample(AccidentDate)
Payment Lag Payment Date Use: Report Date Sample paylag from Report Date, and Payment Date=Report Date + paylag
Size of Loss Size of Loss Use: Report Date This value could be sampled from Copula associated with payment date, using Report Date
P(0) liability Use: ReportDate  
Deductible Deductible Use: Accident Date  
Trend Trend Use: Report Date  
Fast Track Fast Track Use: Report Date  
Case Reserve Related Calculations 0, 0.4, 0.7, 0.9 Interpolations, Est P(0)~0, Est P(0), Minumum Change, Minumum Relative Change Use: Valuation Date The first Valuation Date is Report Date, and the next round of case reserve calculation will use previous valuation date
P(1) recovery liability Use: Payment Date  
Initial Payment Adequacy Initial Payment Adequacy Use: Payment Date  
Recovery Lag RecoveryLag Use: Payment Date DateAdd(DateInterval.Day, RecoveryLag.Sample(paymentdate), paymentdate)