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ReserveMaster is a powerful triangle processor. It creates all kinds of triangles within seconds as soon as you import raw data files in either text or Excel format. Most of the standard methods are predefined and you can add your own methods within minutes. Data Management is efficient.The system has both an easy-to-use report engine and the capability to export triangle data into Excel. It is a comprehensive solution that can be shared among actuarial team members. Try to import data now using the trial version.

In addition to standard/traditional methods, ReserveMaster incorporates simulation function and provides the option to estimate reserve at specific confidence levels. Currently, you can simulate uniform, normal, lognormal and triangular distributions. Either Ultimate Losses calculated from traditional methods or Loss Development Factors can be modeled. ReserveMaster is set up to add other distributions and model other variables according to your business needs.

  • Bootstrapping Based On Over-Dispersed Poisson (ODP) Model

ReserveMaster has implemented bootstrap reserving method following the example David Clark presented at CAS 2006 spring Meeting and at the 2006 CAS loss reserve seminar. The method is described in England & Verrall paper, "Analytic and Bootstrap Estimates of Prediction Errors in Claims Reserving."

Steps in Bootstrapping: 

1. Using Cumulative Paid Loss triangle, select LDF.

2. Get incremental triangle. (A) 

3. Calculate "Expected" incremental triangle based on selected LDF. (E)

4. Calculate residuals triangle. ((A-E)/(E^0.5)) 

5. Resample residuals.

6. Generate a pseudo triangle from resampled residuals, select LDF and calculate Ultimate loss.

7. Repeat step 5 and 6.


We also developed a two-stage bootstrapping reserve analysis in R language. You can download and install the package from here.

ReserveMaster latest build has incorpearted LDF Curve Fitting on Paid Loss development. This stochastic model uses Neldar-Mead algorithm to optimize the maximum likely hood value on Inverse Power Function to find the best fitting of the age to ultimate factors.


All Steps are in one Package. Creating triangles, applying traditional methods, simulating different distributions, estimating reserves by confidence levels, managing projects...

ReserveMaster is a multi-purpose solution that lets you choose what you need.



Its potential has not yet been reached…

Please be advised that the ReserveMaster is a tool that can help you simplify the P&C reserve analysis process and help you make wise decisions, it is not responsible for your final decision.


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