Process Management, Risk Graph

Most of the enterprises manage their business processes by paper, by email, or by any other static ways. That solution cannot serve the challenging business environment evolvement. Sometime it will fail to catch up with governance requirements. Static Enterprise Process Management (EPM) has limited communication level and limited auditor-friendly functions.

Depict is proud to be an Enterprise Process Management  platform by providing a innovated way of workflow design, process mapping, process grouping, and critical path viewing.

  • Depict manages processes with the concept of "linked and directed graph". Each process or component will contain pre and post processes, thus you will see the direct relations of each process, who owns the process and who has to mandate the process.


  • Business processes are not flat, they have dimensions. A process can contain sub-processes that reflect complicated internal workflow and parent-children relationships. Depict allows you to zoom into each process to fully explore the information. 


  • Depict focuses and promotes the concept of the ending process - a process stays at the end of the linkages. That is your goal of process management, that is a job well done. We call it a "Process Space". 


  • A lot of "Process Space" will confluence into a "Complete Process Space", where all the processes are linked together. A sea of "Complete Process Spaces" will be assembled together, and that is your enterprise.


  • "Process" is a concept. Depict subdivides the process into lots of definitions. It could be a meeting, a task, a job, a project, a decision, or even a database transaction. User can dynamically add more concepts into the domain. So, all the critical project steps are visually exhibited before your eyes.


  • Depict offers a easy way for each user to navigate and search among the sea of processes.



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