Depict key features:

  • Web Portal

  • Each person inside the enterprise can securely log into his own portal. Even the process is same, you will still have your personalized views and managements. 

  • Visualized

  • Depict simplifies your process management by visualizing the process and linkage in every detail. You don't need to fill all kinds of forms and documents. You will see what is going on. 

  • Animated

  • We believe doing business and everyday work should be fun. So, depict endeavors to give you an animated environment.

  • SOX Compliance, and Beyond

  • Sophisticated process management is one of the SOX compliance requirements. Depict provides a platform for each enterprise to perform SOX control and auditing support.

  • Document Management

  • Depict allows process owner upload and attach import document for each process. By this way, document can be shared and archived for risk control and easy management. This will reduce the company operational cost significantly.

  • Email Notification

  • Besides the linkage between processes, depict will send email notifications and can also let you send emails. 

  • Enterprise Database Transactions

  • If your company still uses MS Visio to manage projects and risks, you will like the features we provide. Depict is a "dynamic Visio". Everything is in company database instead of on paper.

  • Zooming In and Out, Dragging, Moving, Sizing...

  • Depict offers multi-dimension-process management. Each component can have children component. Linkage are highly sophisticated to reflect your business environment.


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