Transparent Communication

Smooth and transparent communication is the key for the enterprise risk management. Depict proudly features the concept of communication and visibility.

Depict provides enterprise entity a comprehensive platform that allows each team member, peer, or management to setup their own schedules and processes. But each person's domain has to to be linked to others to achieve a "complete process space". The complete process space is the final process graph that can be optimized, searched, audited and verified. Thus the operational risks and process stages are all visible to public.

Important document can be shared and archived under each process component. They are visible not only to process owners, auditors, but also at each project status, issues and activities at all times . 

Covered by this transparency concept, Important data,  information and activities inside critical processes are open and shared among employees, managements, and auditors. This is where Depict stands to enhance the company risk control.


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