Who Are We?

A few talented actuaries and software engineers founded the company in Madison, WI in 2005. The latest software engineering and technology is used to implement advanced actuarial science and statistical knowledge into solutions. Actuaries meet engineers at Goouon.

  • Hai You, Co-Founder, VP Technology
    As VP, technology at Goouon, Hai is responsible for actuarial modeling, product development and innovative solutions. He is the author of ReserveMaster, the cutting-edge loss reserving platform for P&C insurers.Hai developed Illustration Copula and contributed to CAS. His 3-day-project of Two Stage Bootstrap in R language has more than 100 downloads since created. Hai also gained valuable and deep actuarial modeling knowledge when he worked with CAS on the Public Loss Simulator.

    Before co-founding Goouon, Hai has served as an IT consultant in various insurance companies for 10 years, where he got insight knowledge of the core systems such as underwriting, claim, and rate making. Hai masters various computer languages, securities, databases, 3D, email, UI, and data communication. He also believes that Object-Oriented-R is 10 times stronger than R. Just for fun, he developed his own games like ChessBot, Maze (using AStar), Mine Digger, etc.


Our Culture

  • Innovation
    Our creativity and can-do spirit ensure the continuous search for best-in-class solutions. We rapidly transform knowledge and ideas into our products and services.
  • In-Touch
    We work with our clients as partners and genuinely care about your business. At Goouon, we are committed to providing superior services to you. We exceed your expectations.
  • Courage
    Challenge the status quo. We like the proverb of  Albert Einstein: ďAny intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction.
  • Passion
    Our passion is to make a difference in property & casualty insurance industry worldwide by doing the right thing, doing things that make you happy and proud of all of your life.

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